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Big Block Edelbrock RPM, Victor and Copies Pedestal Upgrade and Repair:

Due to a number of requests we have developed some rocker pedestal repair and preventative measures for these heads. The two end pedestals and the center pedestal may tend to crack and or break when used with high pressure roller springs with over 550# open pressure. We offer 3 different optional operations to prevent or repair these problems.


LAB AUTOHEAD610:     Remove and replace the 3 thread inserts deeper into each pedestal in the center and 2 end positions (with no cracks in the saddle) 2 heads (new or used), 6 repairs using 3/4“ long thread inserts. Only $151.00

LAB AUTOHEAD620:      Repair cracked – not broken, but weldable saddle (Photo #1). A cracked pedestal can be repaired by welding and reshaping, see pictures below. $48.00 each. Crack repair only.


                                             Photo 1                                                                Photo 2

LAB AUTOHEAD630:     Broken and requires new pedestal.

                                  Machine off original saddle and install new, wider bolt-on saddle and install the thread inserts deeper                                       into the head. $198.00 each.




Do not look at these modifications as merely "repairs", they are actually higher strength upgrades.


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