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Category : A- Small Block "LA" : Lifters

COM 8920-16



For use in LA blocks with hydraulic roller camshafts. Sets include link bars.

Before purchasing the retro-fit lifters, be sure to check the lifter bores in your block.
The photo above shows an unmolested 340 small block. As pointed out by the arrows, some of the lifter bores are chamfered, or counter-bored. We do not know why Mother Mopar chose to do this. As you can see they are randomly bored to differing depths. The problem with this is that when you want to retrofit your block to a hydraulic roller cam the lifters that you need to use (HUG5008) may come up high enough that the oil groove around the outer perimeter of lifter becomes exposed into this chamfer. This is not acceptable. If your block has these chamfers, either find another block or give us a call.
Comp 8920-16

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