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Category : B- Small Block Dodge Magnum : Cylinder Heads


FULL CNC WORK FOR EDE 61779 & 61775



This operation does not include cylinder heads. 

EDE 61779 ←add two of these to your cart!

What's Included:

CNC porting, Racing Valve Job and detail finish work
Extra clearancing of pushrod tunnels
One piece stainless valves. 2.08” intake and 1.60” exhaust with 11/32” stems

What’s NOT included:

Milling the heads back to original CC’s *(Available at an extra charge. Call for details)

What you need to know:

Adjustable rocker arms must be used with cams having greater than stock lift. We recommend our premium adjustable rocker arm assemblies along with matching pushrods.
If you need a combination not shown here please call one of our technicians at 309-745-9558


*CNC porting of the heads will increase the overall chamber size. If you need the heads milled to a certain cc or are trying to achieve a specific compression ratio, let us know and we can quote you a price on milling.

This part number includes the legendary Hughes Engines, inc. Stage 3 CNC porting. This level of porting is meant for maximum effort engines looking to make up to 650 HP or more. Stage 3 heads are fully CNC ported and will increase the flow by approximately 42-48cfm over the stock out of the box Edelbrock Magnums. They also have a special racing valve and seat grind and include "blueprinting work" that corrects "as cast" flaws. This improves valve and seat sealing and airflow. This price also includes removing & replacing the intake rocker stud helicoils as this is requird to C.N.C. port the head.

To view the flow chart for this head click the button below.



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