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Category : C- Modern Hemi (Gen 3) : Camshafts


GEN 3 HEMI HYD RLR CAM 226/230 110 LSA

.347" / .353" LOBE LIFT


 5.7 & 6.1 Hemi camshaft 

Hughes legendary camshafts ground specifically to enhance the performance of your 5.7 or 6.1 Gen 3 Hemi. They are designed in house and then precision ground to ensure quality and performance. Be sure to get the matching springs, locks & retainers as listed below.

Serious street performance. Power band is from 2200rpm up. Strong mid range and top end. Requires upgraded intake, exhaust, cylinder heads and throttle body to achieve full potentiel. This cam requires an aftermarket tuner such as the Diablo sold on our site.

NOTE: Lobe seperation angles can be changed for no extra charge.

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