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Category : E- Big Block (Raised Deck) : Cylinder Heads

EDE 77919




Important: Please read about our preventative operations for this head. Click HERE



This part number & price is for a single bare head.
Featuring 280cc intake ports and 100cc exhaust ports, these race heads are designed to fit all B and RB Chrysler engines. Equipped with raised valve cover rails and dual quench 72cc combustion chambers, they fit existing Victor manifolds for both high and low deck engines, and can be machined to match max Wedge intake ports.
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From Edelbrock:

DESCRIPTION: Designed for race applications using 1961-1978 Chrysler B 361, 383 and 400 c.i.d. and RB 413, 426 wedge and 440 c.i.d.engines. Victor cylinder heads are ideally suited for larger displacement and high RPM applications and feature 280cc intake ports, 100cc exhaustports, and 75cc, Dual-Quench design combustion chambers to facilitate high compression ratios. The intake ports are raised .650” and the exhaustports are raised .250” to improve flow. The intake port is also extended .950” to eliminate the need for intake manifold spacers. The exhaustflange has been extended out .300” in order to provide dry exhaust bolt/stud holes. Exhaust bolt holes feature helicoil thread inserts for addedstrength and durability. Valve cover rails have also been raised to provide increased rocker arm clearance. Spark plugs have been re-oriented toa 15-degree angle to improve combustion efficiency. The increase inintake port size requires the use of .600" offset intake rocker arms available through us here at Hughes Engines Racing, inc.. Heads will accept standard exhaust rocker arms. These heads use the stock intake,exhaust, and valve cover bolt hole patterns, and stock rocker shafts, for compatibility with original equipment, as well as aftermarket parts.
NOTE: Bare cylinder heads (#4654) will have valve guides and seats installed,but will require final guide sizing and a valve job to match the valves you will be using.

These heads require special head bolts & pushrods. You may want to consider purchasing the heads along with our basic installation kit. HUG4654K.

Combustion Chamber 72cc
Intake Runner Volume 280cc
Exhaust Runner Volume 100cc
Intake Valve 2.200"
Exhaust Valve 1.810"
Deck Thickness 5/8"
Valve Spring N-A
Rocker Stud / Guideplate N-A
Sparkplug 14mm x 3/4", gasket seat

This particular part number for these heads will require a trip to the machine shop before going on the engine as they are unfinished and do not come with valves. The head gasket surfaces need finished. They do come with guides and seats installed.
Flow Data tested at 28" H2O (rated in cfm)
Valve Lift .100" .200" .300"
.500" .600" .650" .700"
Intake (Edelbrock Bench) 85 150 211 261 298 322   325
(Hughes Bench)
69 146 220 264 300 323 327 319
Exhaust (Edelbrock Bench) 63 118 160 189 207 219   226
Exhaust (Hughes Bench) 67 118 166 200 225 242 252 260
Installation instructions for this Edelbrock part can be found at this link. Installation Instructions
There is supposed to be a lot of room for port work in the heads. The rocker shafts are raised up and moved toward the intake flange to work with the longer valves and make room for the raised ports. The oil to the rocker shafts is still fed though the head. The oil hole is drilled at an angle because the rocker shaft has been moved. These heads will require a 0.550" offset intake rocker arm (which we have). This head has a built in 1.00" spacer so that a stock 383 or 440 intake manifold will bolt right on. They will need a pan to seal up the valley (which we have).
NOTE: The Edelbrock Victor heads have heli-coils in the rocker hold down stands and in the exhaust bolt holes. The Pro Comp heads do not have heli-coils in any of the bolt holes.

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