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Category : R- Quick Fuel Technology

QFT FX-4712-2



1250CFM 1.900" venturi X 2.125" throttle bore - specifically built and calibrated for 2X4 applications, this carburetor will deliver the consistency and power your large engine demands. 3 circuit, 5 emulsion billet metering blocks with 4 corner idle provide the tuning ability required for todays high horsepower engines. External linkage allows for easy changes in throttle ratio while keeping moving parts away from engine internals.

Lightweight, state-of-the-art, and ready to run out of the box.


  • QFX All new aluminum main body w/raised venturi
  • Billet aluminum metering blocks with screw in restrictions
  • Aluminum fuel bowls with dual sight windows and fuel inlets
  • Nitrophyl® Floats (wedged for 2X4)
  • Viton® .130" Needles and Seats
  • Billet Aluminum annular booster inserts
  • External Linkage
  • Hand assembled and engine tested

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