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Category : I- Slant 6 (170-225 c.i. 1960-1987)

HUG STL1006-I6-09

SLANT 6 WHIPLASH CAM 210/206 109+4


Whiplash cams are designed for low compression Slant 6 Engines. Stock engines with 7:1 compression ratios are ideal for whiplash cams. Slant 6's with compression ratios up to 8.2:1 with cast iron heads are all good with Whiplash cams. These cams like modified spark advance curves. Whiplash cams will have aggressive idle sounds and increased vacuum signal. Lots of low end and mid-range torque.

     The first user of this cam picked up 2" of vacuum (from 18" to 20". Cranking compression up 20# from 115# to 135# over a fresh rebuild on a stock engine. Just like adding higher compression ratio pistons and feels A LOT stronger all for the price of a cam and kit.

Associated Parts:

HUG 1110P
Retainers:     HUG 1256
Locks (2 Rib):   HUG 1305
Locks (4 Rib):   HUG 1306
Lifters:      HUG 5024A
Timing Chain Set:   JPP 5613
Break-in Oil:   JGP 01806

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