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Category : P- Carburetors (Mech Sec)

HLY 0-76650BL




ULTRA light – aluminum construction saves 5 lbs
ULTRA shiny – tumble polished finish holds shine longer
ULTRA strong – billet metering blocks & base plates
ULTRA cool – Black anodized billet aluminum metering blocks and base plate
ULTRA easy – built in sight window for simple float adjustments
ULTRA fast – high performance fuel curves

The Ultra Double Pumper Carburetors feature all aluminum construction and are equipped with metering blocks and a base plate made from 6061–T6 billet aluminum. Three different anodized color options (Red, Blue, or Black) allow for a personalized look while maintaining the ultra high strength and durability you get from billet. They Weigh in at approximately 5 lbs less than a comparable zinc carburetor.

The new Ultra Double Pumper Carburetors have an enhanced fuel curve for optimum performance, with many more features such as aluminum construction; anodized billet aluminum metering blocks and base plate; 4 corner idle for precise idle control; mechanical secondaries for great performance; clear fuel level sight plugs for easy, no mess fuel level adjustments; Ford automatic transmission kickdown for use on popular Ford transmissions; four vacuum ports for all necessary vacuum accessories; and for the first time on a Double Pumper, factory pre–set electric choke for easy, fast cold start–ups.

The clean, polished look coupled with Red, Blue, or Black metering blocks and throttle body will certainly set your ride apart whether you are at the show or track.

Don't trust your performance to just anyone, Holley is the only Modular carburetor company that has been in business for over 100 years and has powered every NASCAR champion since the 60's.
Black anodized billet aluminum metering blocks/base plate w/ black hardware; Mechanical Secondaries; Electric Choke; Model 4150™


  • Blue anodized billet aluminum metering blocks/base plate with blue hardware
  • Ford A/T kickdown, does not work with AOD transmissions
  • Mechanical secondaries
  • Intended for lightweight vehicles w/ manual trans or automatics with high stall & low gearing
  • 4 corner idle
  • 1 timed (spark) port, 1 full vacuum, and 1 PCV port
  • Glass fuel level sight windows for easy and safe initial float level adjustment
  • Aluminum construction for weight savings and long lasting shine
  • Electric choke for easy cold starting and warm up

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