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Category : P- Carburetors (Mech Sec)

HLY 0-7320-3BK




ULTRA light – all aluminum construction saves 3.8 lbs
ULTRA smooth – fully adjustable external linkage
ULTRA strong – billet metering blocks and booster inserts
ULTRA adjustable – emulsion, idle feed and power valve restrictions
in the metering blocks for infinite tunability
ULTRA powerful– high signal billet booster inserts,
slabbed throttle shafts, and hand polished venturii inlet for
maximum airflow and less turbulence
ULTRA shiny – tumble polished finish on main body & fuel bowls
ULTRA cool – Black Anodized parts
ULTRA easy – built in sight window for simple float adjustments
ULTRA fast – race winning fuel calibrations

Holley Dominator® Carburetors were designed specifically for making Top End Horsepower and Torque in High End Racing Engines. The new Ultra Dominators keep that same mentality alive with even more features.

The new Ultra Dominators feature all aluminum construction which saves 3.8lbs of the top of the engine. The Ultra Dominators feature 6061–T6 billet metering blocks with changeable emulsion, idle feed, and power valve restrictions, a fully hand polished top and venturii for maximum airflow and less air turbulence, Teflon coated slabbed throttle shafts with low profile, button head screws mated to lightweight anodized aluminum throttle plates improve airflow, Fully adjustable external linkage provides 1:1, progressive, or soft progressive throttle activation, 12 hole anodized billet booster inserts for superior fuel atomization, and aluminum dual inlet fuel bowls with built in clear sight glasses are just a few of the features on the new Ultra Dominator.

The clean, polished look coupled with Red, or Black metering blocks, booster inserts and throttle plates will certainly set your ride apart whether you are at a show or the track.

Don't trust your performance to just anyone, Holley is the only Modular carburetor company that has been in business for over 100 years and has powered every NASCAR champion since the 60's.
Race Ready Out of the Box; Model 4500™; Mechanical Secondary; 1 x 4 Carburetor Set–ups; 2–Circuit Metering


  • Designed for use on Drag race engines
  • Billet Aluminum metering blocks with interchangeable emulsion, idle feed, and power valve channel restrictions
  • All Aluminum Construction
  • Built in fuel level sight windows
  • Hand polished top and venturii inlet
  • Tumble polished mainbody and fuel bowls
  • Slabbed throttle shafts All linkage is external, no parts under the carburetor
  • 12 Hole billet booster inserts
  • Calibrated for a 1x4 setup
  • 4 corner idle
  • 2 circuit metering
  • Dual fuel inlets
  • Dual 50cc accelerator pumps
  • Venturii size: 1.830"
  • Throttle Bore: 2.00"
  • Come with extended length -8 AN fuel bowl fittings

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