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Category : R- Quick Fuel Technology

QFT FX-4710-1



1050CFM Gas QFX -1.750" venturi X 2.000" throttle bore - The ultimate drag race carburetor is the QFX with it's new raised venturi design. Improved throttle response and increased consistency are all part of the package. Whether you use a throttle stop or run heads-up this carburetor will help you get to the winner's circle.

This is our "big venturi" 1050 CFM carburetor - used when you need something between a 1050 and 1150 CFM 

  • QFX All new aluminum main body w/raised venturi
  • Billet aluminum metering blocks with screw in restrictions
  • Aluminum fuel bowls with dual sight windows and fuel inlets
  • Nitrophyl® Floats (notched rear) and jet extensions
  • Viton .130" Needles and Seats
  • Billet Aluminum annular booster inserts
  • External Linkage
  • Hand assembled and engine tested

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