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Category : D- Big Block (Low Deck) : Cylinder Heads : Aluminum : Edelbrock Victor Max Wedge Port

EDE 77949-S3




This operation does not include cylinder heads. 

EDE 77949 <- add two of these to your cart!

Port Volume: INT 355cc EXH 84cc

2.20" Intake and 1.81" Exhaust, Valve to INT & EXH

Important: Please read about our preventative operations for this head. Click HERE

2.250" Intake valve with special seat machining--$177.00

Now includes our exclusive Monster Max Wedge porting!

These C.N.C. ports will outflow any other head on the market, without relocated valves! And, that's not all. How does a "Monster" 355cc port volume sound? If you are running a 4.400" or smaller bore, large cubic inch engine that is 500+ cubic inches, or a high RPM 440 and you need more air, then you need "Monster Max Wedge Heads". 

These heads work with any Max Wedge intake manifold & intake gaskets.

This includes valves fitted to the guides, a valve job & seat work along with our Stage 3 level of CNC porting work. This does not include the spring kit.
These heads feature our new "Fat Flow" porting service to achieve excellent flow to the cylinder. The chambers are all fully ported for more flow at all lifts and it includes our special Hughes Engines "Wet Flow" valve job. The heads comes with 2.20" intake valves and 1.81" exhaust valves.

These heads require special head bolts, valley trays and pushrods. For the best value consider purchasing the heads along with our basic installation kit.

CNC porting of the heads will increase the overall chamber size to approximatley 77 to 78cc's. If you need the heads milled to a certain cc
or are trying to achieve a specific compression ratio, let us know and we can quote you a price on milling.

To view the flow chart for this head click the button below.

NOTE: The Edelbrock Victor heads have heli-coils in the rocker hold down stands and in the exhaust bolt holes. The Pro Comp heads do not have heli-coils in any of the bolt holes.
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