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HUG 2045




EDE 5090 - Edelbrock E-Street Heads - 75cc
ARP 145-3606 - ARP Head Bolts
EDE 7193 - Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake Manifold
ARP 144-2001 - ARP Intake Bolt Kit 
FEL 1215 -  Fel-Pro Intake Gasket Set
SEA 260-1001 - Sealed Power Full Gasket Set
HUG SEH3642BL-8 - Hughes Engines Hydraulic Flat Tappet Cam
HUG 5003 - Hydraulic Lifters
HUG 6427 - Progear Double Roller Timing Chain Set
KBP KB237.030 - Keith Black Hypereutectic Flat Top Pistons
HUG 2160+030 - Piston Rings
HUG 7007 - Cam Bolt and Washer
HUG 22041 - Distributor Shaft Collar
HUG 1106 - Valve Springs

Plus - Our World Class Tech Support!

This kit is designed to make 540+hp/560+tq on pump premium when used with 1 7/8"  headers, and 750 CFM carb and a properly curved distributor. It is a carefully designed package by Hughes Engines to include all those extra parts that the other kits forget. The parts are the same ones that we use for builds like this in our shop. Top quality parts like

All American made parts!

Extra Power Suggestions:

CNC Super Prep Cylinder Heads and mill back
SEH 4246BL-8 Camshaft
Pertronix Distributor with custom curve
TTI Headers
Deep Port Match Intake Manifold
Roller Rocker Arms
.000" Deck block and use FEL 1009 Head Gaskets
500" Stroker Kit

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