#10---HP Manifolds & Hooker Super Comp Headers on Big Block Angle Plug Heads


 We get questions every once in a while asking if the factory HP exhaust manifolds will fit on the big block Edelbrock RPM heads. Here is a series of photos showing you a set mounted. As you can see they all clear pretty well. The only ones even close are #5 & #7 and they have at least 9/16" clearance.

Below the photos of the manifolds there is information on the Hooker Headers.

We also get questions on the Hooker Super Comp headers fitting with angled spark plugs. Below you will see the photo answers. These are 2" primaries. We use these headers on dyno tests. #1 is close, but we don't have any problems with it. We slightly dimpled #3 which was not as close as #1. THEY WORK!


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