Valve Jobs for Limited Lift Cam Rules & Oval track Cams


We now offer special valve jobs for limited lift cam rules. When class rules dictate low lift cams (.420", .450" etc...) more power can be developed with valve jobs that improve the airflow in the .050" to .400" lift range. These sacrifice air flow at .500"+ lift but so what? Your valves doesn't lift that high anyway! Horsepower, in these low ift applications, is very tough to get so every little improvement like this becomes a big improvement.

Camshafts: Our "real" Chrysler cams are dominate now but we keep looking for more power. We have developed some new grinds especially for low compression engines & E85 engines. We even have special cams for engines required to run 2bbl carbs on stock cast iron itake manifolds.

Always have a copy of your track rules in hand when you call for cam tech.

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