Our History at Hughes Engines

Hughes Engines Inc. was formed in 1969 as Hughes Engineering, to build stock and super /stock cylinder heads for AHRA and NHRA class racing. Since then we have grown into a complete custom engine building facility. We were one of the first ASE certified engine machine shops in the nation.  Dave Hughes has a long history of drag racing as well as writing tech colums and doing Q&A for several national magazines.

Although we have built several national champions and record holders, the majority of our market is in the restoration, hot street, oval track and bracket racing area. Our shop has been strictly Mopar  for many years now and we offer many very specialized parts and procedures that are either unknown or unavailable from other Mopar shops. The Mopar market is very small and the bigger manufacturers and suppliers ignore it because it does not pay to devote much time to it. For us at Hughes Engines Inc. you are a huge market, and our only market. We offer the best tech support in the industry for Mopars. Even the major manufacturings call us for tech help and refer calls to us daily. We are more then happy to lend our expertise to people who are using or considering using our parts. World class tech support comes free with every Hughes Engines product we sell.

We do our best to provide you with the very latest Mopar parts, Tech and tell it like it is info. If you are looking for 21st century help and some "real" Chrysler parts, contact us; be patient though, the phone is very busy.

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