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Category : A- Small Block "LA" : Fasteners

ARP 144-1202

5/16-.750" HEADER BOLTS (14) BLACK 12PT



For use with stock exhaust manifolds.

ARP Brand, Black Oxide, 170,000 Psi Tensile Str.,.750" Under Hd Length Fits all small blocks.

External 12-Point, Steel, Black Oxide, Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth, Set of 14 Header Fasteners, Bolts,

ARP manufactures a variety of header bolts to facilitate the installation of your headers. Rated at 170,000 psi, they're much stronger than stock and will last under even the most severe conditions. Each kit includes the specific number of parts required for the desired application, plus premium-quality washers and either hex or 12-point heads.

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