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Category : B- Small Block Dodge Magnum : Cylinder Heads : Iron

HUG 20300SP




Small block CNC Super prepped heads with custom designed CNC combustion chambers that deliver air flow that is very close to fully ported aluminum heads.

This is a PAIR of brand new head castings with new 2.02" one piece stainless intake valves and 1.620" one piece stainless exhaust valves and Hughes CNC Super Prep work. Includes our proprietary racing valve job along with blending of the valves into the chamber which increases flow.This includes our 1129 spring kit installed on the heads.

What's Included:
A pair of new, small block cast iron INDY "MA-X heads (62cc chambers)
      One piece stainless valves- 2.02” intake and 1.620” exhaust with 5/16” stems (+.100 longer vlave stems for increased valve spring height)
      Hughes Engines proprietary racing valve job
      Blending of valves into the chamber to increase airflow
      Hughes Engines CNC Super Prep combustion chamber work
Small combustion chambers. 64 or 67cc for higher compression without having to switch pistons in LA engines
      Bronze valve guides for longer life
      1129 spring kit (springs, locks, retainers & seals) good for most Hyd roller and flat tappet solid cams.

What’s NOT included: (all available at an extra charge. Call for details)   
Milling the heads   

                Pushrod Tunnel clearancing   
         Pressed in hardened exhaust seats to insure no cracks.
Multi-angle intake valve seats
         Modern port design to enhance air flow.  

         179cc intake and 67cc exhaust runners
Highly efficient water jacket to prevent engine hot spots
Extra thick deck surface to enable angle milling for compression

What you need to know:
Adjustable rocker arms must be used with cams having greater than stock lift. We recommend our premium adjustable rocker arm assemblies along with matching pushrods.
    If you need a combination not shown here please call one of our technicians at 309-745-9558

This head is designed for use with the Magnum intake manifold, rocker arms, and valve covers. The MA-X head features a Magnum pedestal that is large enough to enable 7/16”-14 drilling and tapping for use with stud-mounted rocker arms and guide plates.

 A cast iron replacement, the 360 X Head series is designed for Magnum applications (318-360-415cid). With a host of additions and improvements over the factory originals, these heads are an easy way to get 400 to 550+ horsepower out of your Mopar-powered street machine

When using these heads with a flat tappet cam it will require that the pushrod tunnels be clearanced. We can do this for an additional charge. If you need this done please add it to your cart below in "Related Parts".

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