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Category : I- Slant 6 (170-225 c.i. 1960-1987)

HUG STL0610I6-12

SLANT 6 SLD FLT TPT CAM 206/210 - 112+4


Flat tappet solid Slant 6 camshaft.

Basic guidelines  (These are not absolutes, just guidelines to help you get close on a cam choice)
Use: Very slightly modified engines
Idle: Stock, Smooth
Vacuum: High
Converter: Stock to mild stall
Rear gear: Stock to 3.23
Benefits: Power improvement at all RPM's.



Related Parts:

: HUG 5012EDM

Valve Springs: For 1.5 or 1.6 ratio rockers use HUG 1110

Valve Locks:  For 2 groove use HUG 1305   For 3 groove use  HUG 1306

Retainers: HUG 1252

Break-in Oil: 5W30 JGP 01806    or  15W50 JGP 00106

Timing Chain & Gear Set: HUG 6406S

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