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Category : O- Carburetors (Vac Sec)




Quickfuel Technology

Q-Series Carburetor 750CFM PVCT. The Q-Series is our most comprehensive line of carburetors, and is a popular choice due to its blend of performance and driveability. Available for use with gasoline, methanol, or E85 ethanol fuels. All Q-Series carburetors feature dedicated floats for the specific application; Circle track carburetors have wedge floats, and drag race carburetors have notched floats and secondary jet extensions. Q-Series carburetors are available in both mechanical and vacuum secondary models.

~ Lightweight aluminum main body

~ Vacuum secondary with QuickSet™ housing for simple adjustability without changing spring

~ Aluminum fuel bowls with dual sight glass windows

~ Billet metering blocks with 4-corner idle system

~ Changeable idle feed and power valve channel restrictions

~ Billet aluminum throttle body provides exceptional precision and strength

~ Teflon® coated and sealed shafts that have been slabbed for added air flow

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