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Category : A- Small Block "LA" : Cylinder Heads, Iron : Iron Ram Heads : Stock Replacement Style

HUG 4668




 These are our popular Iron Ram heads but with the "LA" style intake bolt pattern.

This part number & price is for a single bare head.
If you are interested in a set of these with valves, either stock or oversize follow these links. 
    These are brand new heads, not reconditioned.
They are considered heavy duty because they have pressed-in, hardened exhaust seats like diesel, and R/T heads. OEM Magnum heads are extremely prone to cracking between the seats. This is a very common problem with heads that have induction hardened exhaust seats, like the OEM iron heads. Our Iron Rams Magnum Heads #4666 have all of the bolt and accessory mounting holes and are a direct replacement for the OEM 5.2L/5.9L Magnum heads. These heads have all the original type and sized parts.
         Now for the good stuff!
The heads with stock valves (as shown above) exceed the flow of the stock OEM Magnum heads and are almost equal to the stock Edelbrock aluminum Magnum head and exceed the Mopar Performance R/T heads. You should see a performance improvement by simply bolting these on.
        And now for the even better stuff!
These heads, when upgraded to 2.02" and 1.620" lightweight swirl polished, narrowed stem racing valves and a Hughes Engines, Inc. racing valve job will exceed the flow of out of the box Edelbrock Magnum heads and blow away the 2.02" valve R/T heads!  If you need more airflow than this, we can port this head (HPS1-Mag) or you can step up to a set of our Stage II ported Edelbrock Magnum heads (HUG4610-S2). Keep in mind that these heads can be ordered with the "LA" style intake manifold bolt pattern only (#4668) . They can also be drilled to accept both the "LA"   
agnum style intake bolt pattern (dual usage). This head is also available with just the Magnum intake bnolt pattern by ordering p/n/ 4666.  There is a great article on these heads in our tech section
Interested in using these heads on your LA block? Click on this tech article to learn how.
#11--- Converting Magnum Style Heads to Work on the LA Block

When using these heads with a flat tappet cam it will require that the pushrod tunnels be clearanced. We can do this for an additional charge. If you need this done please add it to your cart below in "Related Parts".

The chart below is a flow chart comparing the Iron Ram head to the OEM head and the aftermarket R/T head  (now discontinued by Mopar) using our flow bench @ 28" corrected. These are averages over several ports. As you can see, the Iron Ram head with 1.920" intake valves flows better than the R/T head with a 2.02", and a lot of the time the R/T heads are on national back you know what to do about it. 

Intake Exhaust
Magnum OEM Iron
R/T LA '576 Magnum OEM Iron
R/T LA '576
1.920" 1.920" 2.02" 2.02" 2.02" 1.620" 1.620" 1.620" 1.60"
0.100" 51.2 68.2 n/a 61.4 69.0 55.1 57.2 65.9 51.0
0.200" 121.1 124.1 119.0 119.2 118.0 109.0 114.1 120.2 103
0.300" 181.5 179.6 177.0 169.3 176.0 148.4 155.3 153.7 131.0
0.400" 207.5 213.8 224.0 211.0 204.0 170.8 180.0 168.0 140.0
0.500" 209.0 227.0 247.0 220.6 212.0 176.2 187.3 174.0 141.0
0.600" 208.4 233.1 240.0 220.6 210.0 178.4 188.7 176.0 142.0











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