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Category : C- Modern Hemi (Gen 3) : Computers & Programmers

HUG I-1000




This unit comes pre-programmed with mulitple tunes for the applications listed below. Plus, it allows you to make slight modifactions to the tunes yourself.
If your vehicle has been modified beyond a cold air intake and upgraded throttle body, you may want to consider a custom tuned programmer.

Custom Tuned Diablo Intune programmers can be ordered by using part number HUG I-1000TUNED

If you order a pre-programmed unit now, you can have it custom tuned at a later date (after you've made more mods) for an additional charge. This is all done through e-mails and is simple to do.

This can be ordered by using part number HUG I-1000CUSTOM

These are very easy to use. They operate similar to an I-Pod or a smart phone. It features a drag and drop touch screen.



  • 1 DiabloSport inTune
  • 1 DiabloSport USB Cable
  • 1 DiabloSport OBD2 Cable
  • 1 inTune user manual (located on the inTune's hard drive)
  • 1 inTune Quick Start Guide
  • 1 DiabloSport Sticker

    inTune Resources
  • inTune Quick Start Guide(pdf document)
  • inTune User Manual(pdf document)
  • inTune Forums


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