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Category : O- Carburetors (Vac Sec) : Electric Choke : 500-625 cfm : Demon

DMN 1900




625 Street Demon - Ball Burnished Aluminum


WICKED POWER! The ALL NEW Street Demon™ redefines the street carburetor with clean looks and ease of use! The Street Demon offers enthusiasts a straightforward carburetor designed to deliver a stable idle, amazingly crisp throttle response and smooth performance. Its optimized calibration and dual mounting pattern make it Run–Ready™ for a large variety of engines and vehicles!


  • 625 CFM air flow - ideal for use on most stock to mildly modified V8s
  • Dual mounting bolt pattern - fits any street 4bbl intake (square flange or spread bore)
  • Electric Choke Management means easy cold starts
  • Single fuel inlet for simple installation
  • Integrated fuel bowl/main body design with gasket above fuel level and no plugged passages to eliminate all potential leak paths
  • Small 1-3/8” primary throttle bores combined with proven Triple-Stack™ boosters deliver amazingly crisp throttle response and drivability, superior fuel atomization and improved fuel economy
  • Goggle Valve Secondary (GVS™) throttle plate delivers over twice the air flow of the primary bores for power you can hear and feel
  • GVS™ makes total air flow 625 CFM while maintaining the crisp throttle response delivered by small primary bores
  • Secondary air valve control - torsion spring valve control/adjustment permits seamless primary to secondary throttle response regardless of the throttle opening rate (unique contoured profile developed for better cylinder to cylinder fuel distribution)
  • Smooth styling - patented timeless design fits modern as well as traditional themed vehicles (Patent No.: US D648,746 S)
  • Developed from the ground up with great looks and ease of use in mind
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • One-piece air horn assembly
  • 2 Stage metering rods control easily accessible without carburetor disassembly or removal
  • 4 optional vacuum step-up springs available to dial in hi-end performance
  • Optional sets of metering rods available to refine calibration
  • Multiple primary and secondary main jet orifice sizes available
  • Patent pending mechanical design
  • Integrated 700R4/200R4 transmission kickdown cable mounting location for proper shifts
  • Ford A/T kickdown (does not work with AOD transmissions)
  • Available TPS kit allows use with 4L60 and 4L80 transmissions



  • Aerospace Composite fuel bowl version also available (p/n 1901) offers significant heat insulating benefits over aluminum fuel bowl - keeps fuel up to 20º cooler for optimum performance with modern fuels

    Designed for use on most stock to mildly modified V8s. Single fuel inlet for simple installation (no extra parts required for drop base air cleaners). Includes inverted flare and 3/8” barb fuel inlet fittings.
    Installation Instructions


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