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Category : D- Big Block (Low Deck) : Cylinder Heads : Aluminum : Edelbrock E-Street

HUG 5093-P




This part number includes "Prepping" of a pair of new Edelbrock E-Street heads. Prepped heads have a high performance valve and seat grind along with a deep bowl blending of the seats into the ports and deep port match in both the intake and exhaust ports. See photos below. This improves valve and seat sealing and airflow. This level of modification works well with Hot Street and bracket racing. This level of head can support up to 627HP.

  • After porting, valve seats are finish machined with a multi-angle valve job.
  • Light-weight aluminum castings (approximately 29.0lbs each, assembled)
  • Accepts standard "B/RB" intakes and exhaust headers (factory exhaust manifolds may require modifications)
  • Adjustable rocker arms must be used with cams having greater than stock valve lift. We recommend Hughes Engines adjustable rocker arm assemblies, along with matching pushrods. See puhrod length checking tools in related items.
  • Closed chamber heads are approximately 84cc
  • If you need a combination not shown here please call
  • Valve springs, retainers, locks and seals are the stock Edelbrock parts

    Click on link below to see photos of Factory HP Exhaust manifolds mounted to these heads. (Head shown is acutally the RPM head but they will fit the same.) 
  • #10----- HP Manifolds & Hooker Super Comp Headers on Big Block Angle Plug Heads

    NOTE: This head will need to be machined for clearance if used with a MSD Ready to Run distributor.

    To view the flow chart for this head click the button below.


    What's the difference in an "E-Street" head and the standard "RPM" head?

    1. The E-Street head uses a less expensive (a little heavier) valve than the RPM head.
    2. The E-Street head has powder metal valve seats whereas the RPM heads use ductile iron seats, which in our opinion is a better seat material - it is harder and lasts longer but is harder to machine.
    3. The E-Street heads do not get hand blended valve bowls from Edelbrock. The RPM heads do.

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