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Category : B- Small Block Dodge Magnum : Top End Power Packages : Cast Iron Heads

HUG 2094-IRON-5.2



This kit is the same as the 2094 kit with iron heads. 

Small block Magnum power made simple! We have made up of a kit of the most popular parts used to create more Hughes horsepower for your small block. This kit has everything you need to hop-up your 5.2/5.9L Magnum engine without any of the guesswork. This package is ready to bolt-on.

Part #
HUG 4676 Magnum EQ Iron Heads w/2.02” Int Valves
Valve Springs Installed,
120# @ 1.660 Installed, 310# @ .550” Lift
HUG SER0814ALN-14 Hughes Camshaft (208º/214º @ .050"  .523"/533" Lift  114º LSA) This is a New Camshaft*
HUG 5409 Hughes FI AirGap Intake Manifold Kit
HUG 1550 Stainless Steel Rocker Arm Kit with Studs & Guide Plates
HUG 6440 ProGear Double Roller, 3 keyway Timing Chain & Gear Set
HUG 5260 (x16) Ball & Ball Oil Thru Pushrods 7.050”
HUG 7011 Hughes Cam Bolt & Washer
ARP 144-3604 ARP Head Bolts
FEL MS95480 Magnum Exhaust Gaskets
FEL 1008 Head Gasket 4.180” x .039”
FEL 50419R Valve Cover Gasket
FEL TCS45952 FEL Pro Timing Cover Gasket Set
HUG 7542 Camshaft Key

This is a suggested list. Parts can be changed or modified to suit your application. Price will reflect changes.

*For maximum performance, call us for a cam selection and then add the SCT tuner #3200A. To get maximum benefit from this kit we strongly recommend that you add a set of exhaust headers to your engine. We carry several varieties on our website. 

** New lifters are also available.

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