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Category : B- Small Block Dodge Magnum : Pushrods : Non-Oil Through

HUG 5479

8.250" X 5/16" DIA X .049" WALL PUSHROD



For use with adjustable rocker arms and hydraulic camshafts. One end is loose. Pushrods are extra long and can be cut to length. Use with valve springs having a maximum open pressure of 400lbs. Sold individually. When ordering please specify end style you require, either ball or cup.

5/16" Tube X .049" Wall thickness chrome moly tubular construction (not heat treated)

  This pushrods unfinished overall length is 7.900".
The proper pushrod length ensures that you can obtain maximum lift from your camshaft and have the most stable valve train for high RPM operation. If you are unsure about what pushrod length you need, use our length-checking-pushrod tools (Contact us for details). Remember, just because your rocker arms may have an adjusting screw it does not mean the screw is there to make up for a pushrod that is too long or short. The adjusting screw is only to set lifter preload or valve lash.

Pushrod Max Recommended Load *

Tube Material Heat Treat ? Max Recommended load**
5/16" 0.049" Wall No 400 pounds
5/16" 0.049" Wall Yes 500 pounds
5/16" 0.083" Wall Yes 750 pounds
3/8" 0.049" Wall No 400+ pounds
3/8" 0.049" Wall Yes 500+ pounds
3/8" 0.065" Wall Yes 750 pounds
3/8" 0.083" Wall Yes 900 pounds

* General recommend max open valvespring load for a 9-inch pushrod.
Subtract 100 pounds capacity for every 1 inch over 9 inches effective length.
Add 100 pounds capacity for every 1 inch shorter than 9 inches.

**Maximum valvespring open load

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