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Category : C- Modern Hemi (Gen 3) 2003-2008 : Stroker Kits : 5.7 Hemi





This premium kit will turn your 2009 or newer 5.7 Hemi into a 392 cubic inch stroker.


This kit includes the following items:

Manley 4.050" stroke crankshaft


Manufactured from a premium 4340 steel forging, these cranks feature a 4.050" stroke which can turn your 5.7L into a 392 c.i. engine and your 6.1L into a 426 c.i. engine. The Manley 4.050" stroke HEMI crankshaft features small block Chevy small journal (2.000") crank pin diameters and widths. This provides taller "side walls" on the crankshaft rod journals for better oil control and reduced windage. The counterweights are profiled for 6.125" length connecting rods. All crankshafts are shipped with either a 32 tooth or 58 tooth reluctor wheel installed. NOTE: All 2008 and earlier 5.7L and all 6.1L have a 32 tooth reluctor wheel. All 2009 and later 5.7L have a 58 tooth reluctor wheel.

  • 4340 material forging
  • Multi-step heat treatment process and Nitrided for added strength
  • Stress relieved, shot-peened, and 100% magnafluxed
  • Micro polished large .125" radius journals (narrowed rod bearings required)
  • Dual keyed post for supercharger drive pulleys
  • Gun drilled mains and lightened rod journals for weight reduction
  • Counterweights fully profiled
Part No. Reluctor Wheel
58 tooth
Stroke Bobweight
Total Weight
191858 58 4.050" 1700 49-51

Manley "H" Beam Connecting Rods  #14056-8
Manley "H" Beam connecting rods are manufactured from 4340 forgings to the same exacting standards developed and approved by our original equipment customers. There is a vast difference in quality between a Manley "H" Beam and the "other" inexpensive H-Beams on the market. Weight matched to +/- 1.5 grams. Perfectly round big and small ends. Bend and twist is tightly controlled. Cap fasteners are ARP cap screws.


Manley Platinum Series Lightweight Pistons #597220C-8 Flat Top (+.020" over stock)
Bore size: 3.937" / 100mm
 Rod Length: 6.125"
 Stroke: 4.050"
 Compression Distance: 1.085"
 Pin Size: .927"
 Piston Weight: 369 grams
 Piston & Pin Weight: 464 grams
 Compression Ratio:
85cc (5.7 thru 2008) 65cc (5.7 2009 up)  
          9.63:1          12.00:1    

Manley pistons are machined of high strength 2618 material. Each design is lightweight yet robust enough to deliver long service life. Perfect ring groove to skirt squareness is achieved through our unique "one fixturing" manufacturing method that assures maximum horsepower. Roundwire locks, tool steel wrist pins and pressure balance grooves are included with every set at no additional charge. Compression ratios for the 5.7L are calculated at .003” deck clearance and a 3.641” head gasket ID with a .028” compressed thickness. Compression ratios for the 6.1L are calculated at .003” deck clearance and a 4.100” head gasket ID with a .040” compressed thickness.

High Performance Piston Ring Set
Manley rings provide minimal blow-by and increased horsepower while maintaining cooler, cleaner oil resulting in loner engine life. Top Ring: High performance ductile iron with plasma moly in-lay or premium steel with Chrome Nitride face coating. Second Ring: Reverse twist cast iron. Oil Ring: Three piece, standard tension, full oil return.

  Premium Clevite "H" series narrowed rod bearings.
  "P" series main bearings

Precision Race Balance by Hughes Engines, inc.





Available Upgrades & Options:

  • Pistons are available in standard bore, +.005" and +.020"
  • Pistons available as flat top and dish
  • Connecting rods can be upgraded to the lightweight "I" beams 

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