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Category : B- Small Block Dodge Magnum : Camshaft : Hydraulic Roller

HUG 0814-PK



This kit contains the hardware necessary to replace the stock cam with one of our drop-in Roller cams. No retuning of the E.C.U. is necessary!

Owners who have chassis dynoed their truck before and after installation of this cam have reported up to 31hp and 48 torque increase at the rear wheels. Peak torque @3500rpm, peak horsepower @4700rpm. Approximately 20/25 and 25 HP+torque is lost through the transmission.


HUG SER0814ALN-14 - Camshaft
HUG 7011 - Cam Bolt and Washer
HUG 7542 - Cam Key
HUG 1110P - 16 Valve Springs
HUG 1278 - 16 Valve Spring Retainers
HUG 1307B - Valve Locks
FEL MS95392-1 - Intake Gasket Set
FEL TCS45952 - Timing Chain Gasket Set
FEL 50419R - Valve Cover Gasket Set

The actual compression ratio of the stock 5.9L engines is only 8.0:1
We suggest installing the MRG 1121G head gasket for increased compression and even more power.

The suggested parts below are optional additions.

   HUG 1550 - 1.6:1 Stainless Steel Rocker Arm Kit (Iron Heads)
   HUG 1555 - 1.6:1 Aluminum Rocker Arm Kit (Iron Heads)
   HUG 1560 - 1.6:1 Stainless Steel Rocker Arm Kit (Edelbrock Magnum Heads)
   HUG 1555A - 1.6:1 Aluminum Rocker Arm Kit (Edelbrock Magnum Heads)

   HUG 5006 - Standard Performance Roller Lifters
   HUG 5007 - High Performance Roller Lifters

   HUG 6440 - 3 Keyway Timing Chain Set
   HUG 6442 - 7 Keyway Timing Chain Set

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