#10---Whiplash Cams


Whiplash cams are designed for the very low compression Mopar O.E.M.  engines such as all the 318's, 360, 400 and all 383 & 440's built after 1971.

 The factory built these engines with a combination of low compression and cams that produced very low cylinder pressure and low power (see this tech article CLICK HERE). Normally, to increase the cylinder pressure in these engines you would have to disassemble the engine, buy new pistons & rings (at a minimum), rebore & hone, rebalance and reassemble. And then you would still need cam & lifters. The cost of this build-up could easily be $2,600.00 or more and take 2-3 weeks.

  The unique design of the Whiplash cam will accomplish all of the same results for as little as $440.35 (cam, springs & lifters) and take about one Saturday afternoon to complete. The Whiplash cams are designed, like all of our "real" Mopar cams to take advantage of the .904" lifter diameter whcih increases the area-under-the-curve, for more breathing time. However, with low lifts (yes we consider .520" low lift) so that you do not need to remove the heads and machine the valve guides.

   These Whiplash cams have become one of our top selling items and we have customers that want to put them in engines that are not low compression. The problem is that the cam will still raise the cylinder pressure and your engine may then require race gasoline or a mix of pump and race gas. As a general rule of thumb, an engine with a true measured compression ratio more than 8.9:1 with iron heads, or 10:1 with aluminum heads, should not be expected to be able to run on just premium gas. And, whatever you do, DO NOT retard the timing to "make it work". You'll be sorry! That will "work" and also reduce your power & torque considerably. 


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