#5---The Iron Ram Magnum Style Head
These Babies Flow some Air!

Dave Hughes

We have been doing flow testing on our new Hi-Performance Small Block Iron Heads, P/N HUG 4666, and at this point, all we can say is sweeeet!!! These suckers can get lots of flow very quickly into the lift cycle. They have excellent flow characteristics for small hydraulic and solid flat tappet cams and especially good flow for use with hydraulic roller cams, for which the heads were originally intended.


More good news! We can get these results with a 2.02 valve, a special valve and seat job, and very special porting in critical areas only. What this means is we can supply the flow numbers to feed 450 HP at an extremely attractive price.


The only drawback (and it may be a positive for many) is that the porting is not visibly obvious. In other words, you are gonna need to look close to see anything. You cant see much, but you sure can feel it. The exhaust flow is not modified as we feel that it is more than adequate for the intake flow available. These super prepped heads have small port volumes and are suitable even on stock engines are they the perfect head for Magnums & the "LA's"? Could be! If not, they are very close, at this time!





Flow figures based on 28 Hg on our flow bench with a radiused entry plate and corrected, for the Super Prepped heads can be viewed by clicking the green button. 

To view the flow chart for this head click the button below.



To get a pair of these Super Prepped Magnum Heads, please give us a call.


We will also offer a fully ported version for solid roller or big solid flat tappet cams with 2.055 intake valves that flow nearly 300 cfm at  .600 lift. This will have a good wet-flow chamber design for more complete burning and lots of air speed in the ports. These heads ported will be an excellent choice for larger cams with .550+ lift, either flat tappet or solid roller. Need 600HP with an iron head? Here you go! Please give us a call to order. 
To view a flow chart for these fully ported heads click on the green button below.
To view the flow chart for this head click the button below.


  What does all this mean to you?


        1) If you just want to replace your stock heads, these are a win win win situation.


More durable

Lower cost

More power


2) If you are wanting all the above, but you are building your engine with additional power producing parts such as a cam, intake, headers, etc., these heads in modified form are the best bang for the buck regardless of modifications.


        3) If you want to build serious power and have a budget (a what???), these heads 
        ported fully will build as much horsepower as any heads available (at this time) 
        without resorting to offset rocker arms.


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