#9---Caleb McCulloch 440 Whiplash Cam


 Hi Guys,

I purchased one of your whiplash cams for my F-440 engine a couple years ago, and just wanted to share my dyno results with you. 

I believe a stock 440 is 375hp at the crank and around 240 at the wheels. 

With your whiplash cam and a few other mods, my engine now makes around 525hp at the crank and 335 at the wheels!
  • Engine: 440 Stock Bore
  • Camshaft: HMC3245BL-7
  • Pistons: Stock
  • Aluminum Stealth Heads (440 Source)
  • Aluminum Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake
  • Carb: Edelbrock Thunder Series 800cfm
  • TTI 1 3/4" Headers
Caleb McCulloch

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