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Below is a collection of videos from around the world that our friends have posted showing off their sweet Mopars.
If you have a video you would like to share with us either post it on YouTube and shoot me a link or send the video directly to me via e-mail (
Thank you so much for taking the time to make the videos.


318 Whiplash Cam
1974 Plymouth Duster, 318 with Hughes HMC1326AL-9 Whiplash Cam.


 360 Hydraulic Roller Cam
Ron Gable uses the Hughes HER3642ALN-8 cam in his 1971 Dodge Demon. The car weighs 3,030 lbs. It is a stock stroke 360 uses Scat rods and Dimaond pistons. The heads are INDY "X" heads with the Hughes 1555 rockers. It is all fed by an Edelbrock AirGap intake and an 830cfm AED carb. Tranny is a 904 ATI Treemaster with a 275 low gear. 8-3/4 rear gear with 4.30 gears turning 30X9 tires. Ron runs 10.95 @ 121mph.


5.9 Magnum with FI Airgap and SCT Tuner
Daniel Kovach is running our Hughes FI Airgap #5409, Big Gulp Throttle Body #5504, Edelbrock 61779 Heads, SCT Tuner #3205B, and #1555A Rocker Arm kit.



360 Hydraulic Roller Cam
Cody Mills is running the Hughes HER1418AN-10 camshaft and the Hughes FI Airgap intake manifold along with an SCT tuner. No mistaking this badboy for stock!

360 Whiplash Cam
Allen Rollin uses the Hughes 360 Whiplash cam (HMC2336AL-7) in his '65 Belvedere. The engine is a reman '76 360 engine with a simple 3 angle valve job, a '68 340 intake and an Edelbrock 650 Thunder series carb along with a good adjustable valve train .  I am so happy with your product! Keep up the good work!


360 Whiplash Cam
1969 'Cuda , 340 with Hughes HMC2336AL cam.
 By ssgtDiggler

360 Whiplash Cam
Jon Lovell's Dakota with a Hughes HMC2336AL Whiplash Cam. 

"I'm blown away with the performance and sound of this camshaft. The engine is a 100% untouched 360 out of a U-Haul box van. I broke the original seals open to put the shaft in. Running a Weiand intake, an old Edelbrock carb, and a set of long tube headers with 2.5 exhaust and flow masters. Rear diff is a Dana 60 with a set of 3.23 gears and a 904 trans with a 2500 stall and Cheetah manual valve body. The truck is unbelievably streetable. Cuts a 1.60 60ft and cranks out a 7.80 on our local 1/8th mile track. Thanks guys for keeping it Mopar!"

360 Whiplash Cam
Casey Jenkins with a Hughes HMC2336AL Whiplash Cam.

   I am extremely pleased with my purchase of the 360 whiplash cam for my engine build. I was recommended by a friend who has dealt with you many times before. After reading all around the web and calling your excellent customer service, I decided to buy the whiplash cam along with all the other goodies to make it eligible for the warranty. After assembly and first start-up, a lazy lifter that didn't pump up for a while gave me quite a scare, but like a switch was thrown, it pumped up and all was well. I still get goosebumps whenever I fire up my truck and I love the looks I get when people realize that it's my old truck that sounds like a Huey helicopter right above them.

A very happy customer,



Small Block Turbo Cam
Paul Baker with a Hughes STL4250AS-116 flat tappet solid Cam.
408, out of the box edelbrocks, Super Victor intake, stock magnum truck manifolds and borgwarner s480 turbo. CSU blow through e85. Best et with the old setup last year was 9.52 @3600lb race weight


Gen 3 Hemi Mini Tractor Puller
Monte Getz with a Hughes SER3034MHL-08 camshaft.

383 Whiplash Cam
Roger & Kay George show off their beautiful 1970 Dodge Charger. 383 with Hughes HMC2942BL Whiplash cam

383 Whiplash Cam
1967 Coronet 500 383 with Whiplash Cam. Everyone even the Ford and Chevy guys love the sound off this cam.  Sounds like top fuel car at idle and drives like a daily driver. As advertised awesome. Thanks John McCue, WI


383 Whiplash Cam
1966 Fury, 383 with Hughes HMC2942BL Whiplash Cam.
By Shane Rudkin

Just want to say thanks a lot for your advice during the build.

I said I’d send a video of the car idling etc. with your cam… Very happy J

First set of tyres are already gone…




383 Whiplash Cam
1969 Roadrunner, 383 with Hughes HMC2942BL Whiplash Cam.

383 Whiplash Hydraulic Roller Cam

 Zoran KantiPaul from Finland with his beautiful 1967 Dodge Coronet 500.

" I used your Roller Whiplash cam HMR2836BL-7 , 1.6 ratio roller rockers 15203 and lifters 5319 , pro gear double timing set 6430 and thrust button. 

My car is a museum registered 1967 Dodge Coronet 500. It looks original, having a rare option package of power windows, front seat head rests, and MM1 paint. The engine is now using your stuff and also CPPA's Alloy Streetfighter heads, which were stage III ported. Engine has Speed Pro Forged Alloy flat top pistons, using my stock rods and crank. Engine is 030 and line bored, and magnafluxed. Intake is a Edelbrock Performer RPM, with a Holley 750 DP Ultra. Exhaust is a 2.5" Pypes stainless steel system, running through Pypes Race Pro mufflers on each side. I am putting in a QTP electric cut-out system as well in the next week or so."




440 Whiplash Cam
Tyler Schwab with his HMC3245BL Whiplash powered 440.


 440 Whiplash Cam
1967 Coronet 440 w/ HMC3245BL Whiplash Cam. By Schober Motorsports
'67 Dodge Coronet, 440 Big Block Mopar, 518 lift cam. I chose my cam cause I found that Barracuda with the 340 I believe that ran it with great results and I gotta say... Nothing but good news big block wise, this cam has one hell of a sound PLUS it really performs!
    The second video is one I found this video on my camera just recently. I'm currently in South Korea and have the car in storage right now, but figured I would post it for the people who are looking to purchase this cam. I did run on the track, car ran 13.30's at 100mph with all interior in the car for a weight of 3400-3500 lb's and a 2500 stall converter and 4.11's out back... Engine is a stock 440 out of a 76 Motorhome with the Hughes Engines Whiplash Cam, only real upgrade are headers, an intake, and a 750cfm Holley, other than the cam, its really just a hopped up street engine.
When I'm back in the US in April 2014, I'll be bracket racing with it so I plan on having some video of it running down the track.


440 Whiplash Cam
Nathan Burton 1967 Coronet 440 with the HMC3245BL Whiplash Cam.
  You folks make a fantastic product, this cam is the best I’ve ever used. Awesome power with an amazing sound to go with it.The car is a low mileage 1967 Dodge Coronet 440, 383CI/A-833 4 spd.  The engine is stock flat top bottom end, whiplash cam, an old eddy TM6 intake, Holley 750DP, Mopar electronic ignition and a set of small tube hookers with dynomax bullets for mufflers, and 3” pipe with a dump infront of the rear end. I don’t remember what valve spring I used but it was a double coil, and crane adjustable rocker arms (although I did run the car for a while with stock stamped rocker arms, made a little chatter but worked nonetheless). The heads are a big valve 516 casting, stage 2 port and polish, and decked .30. 


440 Whiplash Cam
1966 Plymouth Belvedere, 440 with Hughes HMC3245BL Whiplash cam.
By  Moparsrcool


440 Whiplash Cam
1966 Charger with Hughes SMC3245BL By: Dr. Mopar

440 Whiplash Cam
1965 Coronet 440 with Hughes HMC3245BL Whiplash Cam
. By Jason Colter

440 Whiplash Cam
1967 Satellite, 440 with Hughes HMC3245BL Whiplash cam.
By  Larry Cretul
Engine is a nearly stock  .030 over 440 from 77 Chrysler New Yorker, Edelbrock  Performer intake, 750 Holley with vacuum secondary.  A/F mixture took a while to get right ended up drilling  .125 hole in each throttle plate and installing a 4.5 power valve.
Everyone who hears the idle wants to know what kind of cam it is! 
Very happy customer,
Larry Cretul

440 HEH2832BL Cam

Thank you for your help. It sounds great! Still need to finish up, but ran for 20 minutes at 2000, with cam lube, and comp cams break-in oil. This was the first time it idled. It's a std bore 440 with 440-6 factory replacement Pistons, by TRW. It was an old set that are rated at 10.5:1. Late model motor home block, and heads, but I used a steel crank and had the rotating assy. all balanced by LA Crank. The Schumacher creative svc. Headers and ball mount flange with about 18" of pipe, and no mufflers .  John McEntire


HEH4650BL Camshaft
I have a 440 in an 84 ram. I have all Hughes Engines valve train, HEH4650BL cam, 5003 lifters, 1.5 ratio Hughes roller tip rockers, custom made pushrods, 1106 valve springs.  She had no trouble melting 36" tires.  Chassis dyno'd at 320hp 419 lbs ft to the rear wheels. Thanks again for a great valve train. Never a lick of troublewith it! I always get compliments on the sound. Zach Demler

HER2836ALN-10 Camshaft
Mike Huset Dodge Ram with a Hughes 408 Stroker engine. HER2836ALN-10 camshaft & SCT Tuner.
Hughes, I did your budget 408 stroker with .510" intake 527" lift 228 / 236 duration @ .050" cam part number HER2836aln-10.  Hughes Big Mouth throttle body, 24# injectors, SCT tunner thru you guys, Pacesetter silver ceramic long tube headers, Taylor wires, MSD coil. Stock heads for now but maybe this winter I will order some from you guys. Love the truck and the parts from Hughes. Can't wait to do more business with you in the future. Oh the intake is the Mopar Performance but I might buy the air gap.  Mike Huset


HER3642ALN-10 Camshaft
Eric Atherton fires up his small block build that has been 20 years in the making.


HER1828ALN-10 Camshaft
Darrell Flannery firing up a Hughes HER1828ALN-10 Roller cam.

HER2836ALN-14 Camshaft

Michael Oellrich; 1993 Dakota Mopar Performance OBD1 ECU & Hughes 426 stroker kit


Hughes #5409 FI AirGap & Big Gulp Throttle Body (#5504) in a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
By DG Motors.


Hughes #5409 FI AirGap in-truck driving video. By Amermuscle

7720R Installation video

Nicely made, step by step installation of our #7720R intake plenum repair kit. Done in classic "Silent Movie" style (LOL). By Sideburns2009


HTL4852AS Camshaft

Brad Huff's 340 Duster running Hughes Engines cam & rockers

Hughes main stud girdle kit 
Ported (by me) 2.02" cast iron "J" heads
Hughes 1.6 rockers w/Hughes Custom push rods
H-Beam scat rods
Speed Pro flat top forged pistons
Mopar M1 single plane intake
Proform 850 carb
Mallory Unilite distributor
MSD digital 6
Headman headers (needs big TTI's)
It was balanced by Custom Engines in Lexington Oklahoma. It loves RPM's and I love pushing the pedal to the carpet!


HTL6872AS Camshaft

David Crain's Demon with a Hughes HTL6872AS camshaft.

HTL6064AS Camshaft
Tony Santos' daughter Tanya hitting the 1/4 mile with her Hughes Engines cammed Dart.

472 Gen 2 Hemi

Scott Faulkner fires up the Superbirds new Hughes Engines 472 Hemi! 


V6 Roller Cam

Bruce George in his 1992 Dakota powered by a 3.9L V6, Uses Hughes engines prepped heads and a custom camshaft.

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