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Category : E- Big Block (Raised Deck) : Stroker Kits

HUG 440500-2




Crank, Rods, Pistons, Rings, Rod & Main Bearings W/ Race Balance

Build your 440 into a 493 cubic inch pavement pounder with this Hughes Engines Race balanced stroker kit.
This kit features: (includes bearings, rings and race balance)
  • Eagle brand 4340 Nitride Forged Steel 6 bolt Crankshaft - 4.150" Stroke
  • Eagle "H" Beam Forged Steel connecting rods 6.760" Length
  • ICON Premium 2618 aluminum alloy Forged -23.7cc dish pistons (p/n IC840.030) made from aerospace quality aluminum billet. Approx 824 grams / piston & pin - 4.350" Bore (We also offer flat top pistons for higher compression ratios.)
  • Total Seal brand 1/16-1/16-3/16 Plasma Moly ring set
  • Clevite "V" series Main Bearings
  • Clevite "V" series Rod Bearings
  • Internal Precision Race Balancing 

Race Balancing:
Our kits are designed to be a direct bolt-in fit with no bearing scraping or other mofications required. 

This kit will produce 493 cubic inches in a .030" 440 Block.
This kit as shown will yield approxiamtely a 9.6:1 compression ratio with an 84cc head.

This kit as shown will yield approxiamtely a 9.6:1 compression ratio using the following specs.

  • 84 cc Heads
  • -23.7cc dish piston
  • .039" compressed thickness head gasket
  • 4.410" gasket bore diameter
  • "0" Deck engine
  •     Our race balancing is acheived by weighing each part individually. They are then balanced and equalized to each other at very close tolerance (within 1 gram) regardless of what the box says they weigh. The small ends of the rods are matched and the big ends of the rods are matched. After all of the parts are equalized the crankshaft is then spun up and balanced to within 1/4" oz tolerance. An engine balanced in this much more precise way is good for up to 11,000 RPM.

    For other compression ratios, based on 84cc heads,  you can choose from these popular piston options:
    9.6:1 (as shown in kit) use ICON piston #IC840
    10.5:1 use Diamond piston #52415
    11.3:1 use ICON piston #IC826 or Diamond piston #52005 (12:1 with 78cc heads)
    13.7:1 use Diamond piston #52452

    We also offer this kit with a street balance.

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