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Category : Small Block'LA' 273,318,340 and 360 engines : Stroker Kits





Small Block 426 Cubic Inch "Hemi-sized"

This is a premium kit including forged pistons, "H" beam billet rods with ARP2000 bolts, and a forged crankshaft. Naturally, all of the correct rings, main & rod bearings are included (as you would expect from us).  This kit is internally precision race balanced.
We designed this kit for hot street/bracket racing where maximum torque is needed and a light bob weight for quick acceleration is desired. It can be installed in either the  "LA" block or the newer Magnum blocks

We can supply forged pistons with compression ratios from 9.25:1 up to 10.7:1, depending on your head cc's. The forged crankshaft will have a standard 340 or 360 main bearing with NASCAR sized rod journals (1.889"). The stroke is 4.180". The lightweight rods will use lighter weight 0.912" pin diameter and will naturally be full floating. Minimal notching will be required to allow this kit to drop in. We strongly suggest that you use our main bearing support girdle with this long armed screamer. These kits come to you internally, race balanced. Custom pistons are available for custom jobs.

Technical Data:

  • Bore: 4.030" or 4.070"
  • Stroke: 4.180"
  • Rod Length: 6.123"
  • Rod Weight: 628 grams
  • Main Journal: 2.810"  (Also available with 340 Mains , 2.500")
  • Rod Journal: 1.988" (NASCAR size)
  • Ring Size: 1/16"-1/16"-3/16"
  • Bob Weight: 1803 grams (approx.)
  • Compression Ratio:  9.25:1 up to 10.7:1 depending on your head cc's.
  • Rod to Stroke Ratio: 1.464:1
  • Rod to block clearance: .030" in our test block with no notching. This is adequate clearance. Be sure and check your block!
  • Girdle Clearance: The rod notches in our girdle will require a chamfer on the top side to clear the rods.

     Custom pistons are available for special applications (at additional cost) Call for info.

      BEWARE lower price stroker kits are usuall incomplete! They lower they price by "forgetting" some parts. Such as main and/or rod bearings, piston tings, balancing, etc. Who are you going to get to balance your stroker kit? Or get chamfered bearings? They all come with our stroker kits.

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