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Category : A- Small Block "LA" : Lifters : Flat Tappet : Hydraulic

HUG 5003




When compared to the standard 5001 lifters the 5003 has a quicker bleed down rate (average is 10-25 seconds) and operate slightly quieter. These lifters are held to a higher quality surface finish and have a corner break on the cam face. We suggest using these lifters in high performance applications as they will produce more low end torque. These 5003 lifters also utilize heavy duty pressed in retainer in place of the wire clip. The faster bleed down will create more vacuum than the standard lifter when used with a performance type camshaft. The even bleed down rates will also produce a smoother running engine, with more vacuum below 1000rpm. 
Plunger travel in this lifter is 0.146 +/- 0.02

Do not use oil heavier than 10W30.

Racing hydraulic lifters for use with an adjustable valve train.
Note: This lifter is an oil metering type. It can be used in engines that oil through the pushrods. Type of retainer ring may vary from photo. Made in the USA by Hy-lift Johnson.

   Any tappet adjusted to .000" preload will operate as an "anti-pump up" lifter (We do NOT recommend .000" preload, this is a comparison).  However, when using a lifter with a small wire retaining ring such as OEM lifter (shown as #5001), there is a higher probability of the retainer ring failing with this amount of pre-load. Anytime maximum RPM is necessary and a minimum tappet preload or lash is used, racing lifters with heavy duty retaining rings (#5003) are strongly suggested.

If you are converting an OEM roller lifter engine 1987-1991 to a conventional flat tappet camshaft use P/N 5001 or 5003, along with the proper length pushrods. Do not fill or pump up hydraulic lifters before assembly. They may hold the valves open causing difficult starting and/or engine damage.


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