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Check out our new, better pricing on camshafts.
"real" Chrysler® cams at the best prices ever!

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775 Horsepower for only $17,489.00 (We will entertain any reasonable offer between now & the end of the year)
Click on engine for details.

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    Hughes Engines is now offering Edelbrock Victor® heads with Monster Max Wedge intake ports. These C.N.C. ports will outflow any other head on the market, without relocated valves! And, that's not all. How does a "Monster" 355cc port volume sound? If you are running a 4.400" or smaller bore, large cubic inch engine that is 500+ cubic inches, or a high RPM 440 and you need more air, then you need "Monster Max Wedge Heads". 
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This is my 70 Challenger with a 440 and your Whiplash cam running through TTI exhaust. Love it!!


News & Updates

10/23/2014: Just added Big block aluminum heads from Speedmaster/ProComp. 84cc heads, fully assembled for only $1149.98. Check them out in the Big Block Cylinder Head section. Or type 4802 into the search tool.

8/26/2014: Check out our Tech Articles section under "Oiling System Articles" on why it is important to run Break-in oil even if you are running a roller cam.

8/23/2014: Just posted a dyno test of a GEN 3 Hemi that was built to be ran with a ProCharger. Interesting read. Check it out as test #23 under the Dyno Build-ups tab above.

8/4/2014: We have a 493 cubic inch big block engine completely assembled and ready to go. This monster was dyno'd at 775HP!!!! Check it out in Section E under complete engines.

8/1/2014: We added a new tech article on troubleshooting throttle bodies with a high idle. Check it out in the Tech Articles & Instructions section of the website.

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