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440 Whiplash Cam.
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Ivanka Trump Visits Universal Technical Institute

What kind of a father would let his daughter hang around in engine building shops?
It may not be a Mopar, but it's close enough to get 7 votes from here - 2020.


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News & Updates

9/24/2019:  Hughes Engines has offered chamfered 383/400 main bearings for about 8 years. Clevite 77's. P/N 4022C - standard, .010", .020", .030" - Only $129.95.

9/17/2019: Wanted: A "destroyed" Indy 360-1 or 360-2 head, or special cylinder head. Call Dave Hughes at Hughes Engines.

7/24/2019: Detailed diagrams for our premium rocker arm kits have been added to our website. You can find these diagrams by clicking on the product details link associated with each rocker arm kit.

6/10/2019: 340 "R" Blocks for sale. CLICK HERE

6/12/2018:  Bearing Clearances and Oil Viscosity CLICK HERE

5/23/2018:  Tuners - Do you need one? CLICK HERE to read more.

5/18/2018: If you're looking for a Gen3 Hemi stroker kit, look no further! CLICK HERE to see what we offer.

5/15/2018:  More Power for 3.9L, 5.2L, and 5.9L Engines! CLICK HERE

3/30/2018: See how big tires may damage magnum engines! Find out more by clicking HERE.

3/7/2018:  Gen 3 Hemi Cams! More New (Bigger) Cams for Gen 3 Hemis without variable cam timing (VVT) 2003-2008 Click Here

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