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This is my 70 Challenger with a 440 and your Whiplash cam running through TTI exhaust. Love it!!


News & Updates

12/29/2014: Check out our latest dyno project. A 2005 5.7 Hemi . Click here to see the results.

12/3/2014: According to our sources at Edelbrock, the long awaited small block Victor cylinder head is in the final machining process as we speak. They had them at the PRI show in Indianapolis Dec 11-13th and they looked great. We expect to have them available to sell sometime early in 2015. If you are looking to build a high horsepower small block Mopar this is the head you need. Click Here for flow numbers.

10/23/2014: Just added Big block aluminum heads from Speedmaster/ProComp. 84cc heads, fully assembled for only $1149.98. Check them out in the Big Block Cylinder Head section. Or type 4802 into the search tool.

8/26/2014: Check out our Tech Articles section under "Oiling System Articles" on why it is important to run Break-in oil even if you are running a roller cam.

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