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2 New Ritter Blocks Available!

9.600" Block Height, 360 or 340 Mains, Std Cam Bearings, 59° lifters, Siamese Cylinders, Billet Steel Main caps, ARP Fasteners. This is NOT a finished block and will require final main bearing bore sizing, final decking, and final bore sizing. $3708.00 + packing and shipping

Ivanka Trump Visits Universal Technical Institute

What kind of a father would let his daughter hang around in engine building shops?
It may not be a Mopar, but it's close enough to get 7 votes from here - 2020.


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News & Updates

6/10/2019: 340 "R" Blocks for sale. CLICK HERE

6/12/2018:  Bearing Clearances and Oil Viscosity CLICK HERE

5/24/2018: We are currently looking for another automotive machinist to work in our shop. We need an experienced man, preferrably one with tech school training. Send resume with trade references to info@hughesengines.com. No phone calls please!

5/23/2018:  Tuners - Do you need one? CLICK HERE to read more.

5/18/2018: If you're looking for a Gen3 Hemi stroker kit, look no further! CLICK HERE to see what we offer.

5/15/2018:  More Power for 3.9L, 5.2L, and 5.9L Engines! CLICK HERE

3/30/2018: See how big tires may damage magnum engines! Find out more by clicking HERE.

3/7/2018:  Gen 3 Hemi Cams! More New (Bigger) Cams for Gen 3 Hemis without variable cam timing (VVT) 2003-2008 Click Here

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