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Chris Compson's wicked fast 1978 Plymouth Arrow. (click on car)

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This is my 70 Challenger with a 440 and your Whiplash cam running through TTI exhaust. Love it!!


Hughes Engines Flags now available! Only $29.95 (Click on flag for more info)

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News & Updates

6/16/2015: Horsepressure..... Our newest tech article and a must read for people interested in horsepower. CLICK HERE to read the article.

5/13/2015: Check out our Tech Articles section under "Oiling System Articles" on why it is important to run Break-in oil even if you are running a roller cam.

5/4/2015: New video of the Hughes Whiplash Hydraulic Roller cam, HMR2836BL in Finland. CLICK HERE to view.

3/24/2015: New article on the truth about diesel oils. CLICK HERE to read.

1/27/2015: How much clearance should there be between your pushrods and the cylinder head? Read this tech article to find the answer. CLICK HERE.

1/27/2015: Good news; Good news! We can now supply camshafts for the following engines. Slant 6 mechanical cams, 392 Hemi hydraulic and mechanical, 331/354 Hemi hydraulic and mechanical, AMC V8, Jeep straight 6, Jeep 4.0L     But wait, we’re not done yet…. What do all of these cams have in common? If you guessed .904” lifters then you’re a winner! All of these cams will be ground with our .904” “Real” Chrysler lobes to help make you a winner.     These cams will be available on a custom order basis. Call with details of your combination and we will help you build a winner. 309-745-9558  

12/29/2014: Check out our latest dyno project. A 2005 5.7 Hemi . Click here to see the results.

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